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Spotting the Red Flags You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks® or Homegrown Accounting Systems

Sep 24, 2019

What are the top indicators that the complexities of your contracting work and the solutions used to manage them have become mismatched? Discover the reasons why enterprise resource planning (ERP) options can heighten functionality for your business.

Understanding DCAA Compliance

Sep 09, 2019

A key aspect of following government regulations is creating business systems that comply with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). Get this white paper to learn: what the DCAA does, common audit types, & how to reduce your company’s audit risk.

How This Federal Agency Replaced an Aging Infrastructure With a Modern Data Center

Feb 01, 2019

In this case study find out how a federal agency replaced an aging EOS infrastructure and addressed performance bottlenecks and a growing demand for VDI and security.

IT Consolidation: What's Next for Government Modernization Initiatives?

Jun 25, 2018

IT consolidation has been a high-priority federal initiative for years. While the value is clear, it’s critical for federal IT pros to understand a key piece of the equation: to realize the full value, agencies must also consolidate their ITOM tools.

Minimizing the Impact of Critical IT Incidents in U.S. Public Sector

May 02, 2018

The U.S. Federal Government wants its agencies to modernize their use of IT, primarily through increasing the use of cloud platforms. The prime benefits are expected to be more agility, improved resilience and security and, in the long term, better citizen services and improved agency reputations.

Health and Human Services Insights

Nov 14, 2017

The informative eBook offers a summary of the overall strategic goals and objectives for Health and Human Services, along with insights on what HHS modernization could mean for tech companies, how large vendors dominate the HHS IT landscape and why accessibility, capability and transferability are important to contractors.

Challenges & Trends in Aerospace & Defense IT Operations: United States

Jul 31, 2017

Public sector organizations are feeling the pains of digital transformation. Faced with modernization, data center upgrades and continuous cloud-first initiatives, this transformation of the IT environment is making it a challenge to deliver services, comply with service level agreements (SLAs), meet citizens’ expectations and achieve organizational missions. Read this informative survey report conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Splunk to learn more about where digital agencies are with their digital transformation with budgets shifting from traditional on premise investments to more cloud and agile development paradigms.

The Connected Enterprise: Check Point SandBlast takes endpoint protection to another level

May 24, 2017

Download this informative report to learn more about the truly effective endpoint protection product that can handle a wide variety of zero-day exploits across your entire government organization. This comprehensive solution covers email-based attachments, phished emails, embedded links in documents, bad websites and malware already installed on your endpoints and more.

The Evolution of Military Manufacturing

Oct 26, 2016

The GAO recommends many actions which it believes will improve the way the DOD acquires defense systems. Too often programs run into problems during development because requirements are unrealistic and cost and schedule are underestimated. But, there is a vision for a more effective way that takes into account the design and manufacturing needs of a new approach, a vision for the Future of Making Things. This eBook will examine the problems currently undermining systems acquisition in the federal community, the near future of manufacturing involving new materials and processes, and what that could mean for DOD and federal systems acquisition.

Executive Insights: Federal IT Computing

Aug 26, 2016

Download this informative Executive Insights to learn how the right distributor can make a big difference—especially for smaller solution providers seeking federal business—by providing a breadth of products and competitive pricing, along with services such as consulting and financing.

Avoid Information Overload

Aug 08, 2016

So what constitutes effective, comprehensive information governance in 2016? It’s about being able to see what you have, understanding the gaps, and devising a strategy to fill those gaps. Once that’s done, the next step is taking action by implementing policies to align behaviors with goals. Only then can an agency begin to truly improve data management and risk, avoid liabilities and costs, and ensure the valuable information is fully accessible. Download this helpful report to learn how agencies are using information governance tools to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

6 Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10

Jun 01, 2016

Download this informative guide to better understand the six most important items to consider when making the move to Windows 10 and also provides a quick list of ways to ease the transition.

Agencies Capitalize on the Latest Tools for Mobile Security

Jun 01, 2016

As federal agencies rely on an increasingly mobile workforce, IT and security managers need a multifaceted approach for securing information and devices outside of firewalls. Download this informative whitepaper to learn more.

Predictions 2016: Seven Gains in Workforce Tech

Jun 01, 2016

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders responsible for workforce technology play a critical role in their company’s success in the age of the customer because to delight customers, your company’s employees need to be more agile, informed, and responsive. This brief highlights the seven key shifts coming to workforce enablement that will contribute to growth by helping employees improve customers’ experiences, and describes how you should prepare for them.

Enterprise Insight Analysis for Defense Intelligence

Mar 09, 2016

As national security and defense threats become more asymmetrical and complex, intelligence organizations and agencies are challenged to respond more efficiently and precisely. With shrinking budgets and limited resources, these agencies need a solution that can help them accelerate the data-to-decision process, so they can make better informed decisions and take confident, effective action. IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next-generation intelligence solution designed to help do just that by applying advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed.

Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Intelligence

Oct 01, 2015

Securing your infrastructure, your customer interactions and protecting your data are critical to preserving your reputation and your bottom line. Many cyber attacks remain undetected for up to eight months and can cost an organization an average of 11 million USD2. And today’s cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, agile and capable of launching more attacks at faster speeds. Organizations must evolve, replacing traditional defensive security strategies with a proactive, intelligence-driven offense to prevent and disrupt these threats. The IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis solution is a next-generation intelligence solution designed to turn overwhelming and disparate data sets into comprehensive intelligence, in near real time.

Enterprise Insight Analysis for Defense Intelligence

Oct 01, 2015

As national security and defense threats become more asymmetrical and complex, intelligence organizations and agencies are challenged to respond more efficiently and precisely. With shrinking budgets and limited resources, these agencies need a solution that can help them accelerate the data-to-decision process, so they can make better informed decisions and take confident, effective action. IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next-generation intelligence solution designed to help do just that by applying advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed.

Top Five Considerations for Technology Managers

Aug 05, 2015

Being a technology manager involves much more than project management skills. In this dynamic field of software development, managers who understand what a software developer does and know how to build a tech team will have an advantage over those who don’t really get it. To better manage technology projects, it is also necessary to understand why IT projects fail, the importance of QA and UA testing, and the inevitability of changes in scope.

How the Implementation of Development Strategies Plays a Role in Project Management

Aug 05, 2015

Agile, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban—the exhaustive list of methodologies goes on. While the pros and cons of each framework spark endless debate, all of them have a place in software development. By taking a look at a few of these methodologies, tech managers can get a feel for which ones might be helpful for their team.

Why Government Business Process Operations Belong with Business Operators

Jan 21, 2015

Your mission is complex. Your programs are highly regulated. We’re good with that. Every day at Navient we help our government, higher education, and corporate clients achieve their goals. Our scale, strategic approach, and unwavering focus on compliance have made us a leader in business process operations – call centers, data processing, asset recovery, and more.

Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat Protection

Feb 18, 2014

Winning the War Against the New Breed of Cyber Attacks: Today's cyber adversaries are launching zero-day attacks that move through networks, undetected, for extended periods of time. In this eye-opening guide for Federal IT security professionals, you’ll learn about the evolution of today's new breed of attacks as well as the keys to truly securing agency networks.

Addressing Insider Threat Through Big Data Analytics

Nov 01, 2013

This paper presents a new approach to leveraging Big Data analytics that advances the state-of-the-art for tracking a user’s behavior within a computer network system and reduces the threat of malicious insider behavior.

Contract Guide: NASA SEWP V

Jun 28, 2013

NASA’s Solutions for Enterprisewide Procurement (SEWP) is one of the most popular IT purchasing vehicles in the federal space, so it would be hard to see the space agency changing something that clearly is far from broken. And that is indeed expected to be the case when the next iteration of the contract, SEWP V, starts up in May 2014 after a two-year development process. Those people who both buy and sell through SEWP IV should be able to smoothly switch to SEWP V, which program managers have labeled an evolutionary step in the contract’s progress. Download this detailed contract guide to get an in-depth look into the components of this successful GWAC.

Contract Guide: GSA IT Schedule 70

May 10, 2013

GSA’s IT Schedule 70 has been the major go-to vehicle for federal agencies to buy IT products and, more recently, services. At close to $16 billion in annual sales, it takes up a large chunk of the government’s overall yearly IT budget. But it’s facing uncertain times as the overall fiscal climate squeezes the resources GSA can devote to it, and competing vehicles such as agency GWACs loom in its mirror. Changes are coming to the venerable IT contract, and both users and vendors need to prepare. Download the contract guide now.

IT Management Starts at Layer 2: Three Simple Steps to Greater Network Efficiency

May 09, 2013

This paper explains the three key steps for using Layer 2 maps to improve the efficiency of the network and the accuracy of decisions for optimizing IT services.

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GameChanger: Unified Communications

Jun 11, 2012

This whitepaper reviews unified communications (UC, and how it weaves together various communications technologies that can be used daily to connect, collaborate and generally get users’ jobs done — including voice, e-mail, video and chat.

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Managing Mobility on Agency Networks

May 04, 2012

Review this complimentary whitepaper to learn how agencies are overcoming the challenges related to efficiently upgrading their networks to adapt and securely embrace mobility.

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Cloud Computing: Game Changing Technology to Meet Agency Missions

Feb 26, 2012

Although cloud computing can help the federal government achieve lower cost, more efficient IT operations, there’s still much confusion surrounding these services in public sector environments. In this report, learn more about cloud deployment models, best practices and top predictions for 2012..

Intelligent role management for improved security and compliance

Dec 30, 2013

In this paper, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts examine today’s security challenges in light of the opportunity to build security directly into information systems, and the role of today’s finely grained technologies for identity and access management that make this more proactive approach possible.

Keeping Distributed Endpoints Safe and Compliant

Dec 30, 2013

With rapidly increasing numbers of remote workers and mobile devices, there is no well-defined perimeter. The perimeter, by necessity, must be the endpoint itself. Endpoints, by their very nature, are highly vulnerable to attack— including system damage inflicted by malware, theft by phishing, privacy infringements through social networking, or loss of productivity due to spam, interruptions and system instabilities. Read this whitepaper to learn about a solution that provides real-time visibility and control over each endpoint’s status, remediating issues to help ensure continuous security and compliance.

Stay Ahead of Insider Threats with Predictive, Intelligent Security

Dec 30, 2013

It has become more important to secure critical information and related assets from insider threats. IBM has the ability to identify and protect against internal threats through a distinctive combination of robust foundational controls and intelligent reporting and management tools.

Ensuring Application Security in Mobile Device Environments

Dec 30, 2013

As a result of the increase in wireless devices in the workforce, organizations are becoming more concerned with mobile security. Many, in fact, see this area as a primary technology challenge to address and a main focus for security initiatives.

Identity and Access Intelligence:Transforming the Nature of Enterprise Security

Dec 30, 2013

In this paper, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts describe the nature of identity and access intelligence and the factors that are driving this important aspect of security evolution. Learn how Identity and Access Intelligence helps organizations rethink thier defense against a wide range of threats, cope with mobile and cloud security challenges and proactively protect sensitive IT assets.

An Early Leader across the Big Data Security Analytics

Dec 30, 2013

This analyst paper, written by Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst at ESG, show how IBM is an early leader across Big Data Security Analytics. ESG believes that tactical security analytics solutions and compliance centric SIEM tools are no match for todays big data security analytics needs & IBM is one of the few vendors offering an integrated approach to combat this.

Application security and risk management

Sep 02, 2013

The IBM Security AppScan portfolio includes solutions for both security teams and development organizations to collectively address application security by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, when they are easier and less expensive to correct. IBM research drives IBM Security AppScan solutions to identify the latest threats with advanced security testing for application security analysts. With more than a decade of application security experience, IBM Security AppScan solutions deliver some of the most advanced testing features that combine expert analysis with ease of use.

How does IBM deliver cloud security?

Sep 02, 2013

Cloud computing is changing the way we use computing and has the potential for significant economic and efficiency benefits. But the speed of adoption depends on how quickly trust in new cloud models can be established. Some of the growing cloud security concerns include: security of highly virtualized environments from targeted threats and attacks, enabling secure collaboration, protection of the data (isolation, sharing) in a rapid provisioning and de-provisioning environment while experiencing the loss of direct control of security compliance, and privacy parameters.

Secure Web Applications: Creating a Security Culture

Sep 02, 2013

Companies move applications to the Web to improve customer interactions, lower business processing costs and speed outcomes. But driving applications to the Web also increases vulnerabilities – unless security is an integral component of the application development process.

Identity and Access Management Buyer's Guide

Sep 02, 2013

This buyer's guide provides assistance in evaluating identity and access management solutions. It describes common identity and access management challenges and the capabilities required to address them, and it includes checklists for assessing vendors and their products.

IBM zSecure Compliance and Administration

Sep 02, 2013

IBM Security zSecure™ Compliance and Administration provides security personnel with the tools to efficiently administer IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) through simplified security administra-tion. It helps security staff measure and verify the effectiveness of their mainframe security settings and policies. It also automates audit reporting and monitors security events to help detect threats.

Protecting Consumer and Business Information with Advanced Threat Protection

Sep 02, 2013

As a global leader in information solutions, Equifax holds one of the largest stores of consumer and commercial data—income data, unemployment data, asset and wealth data, property data, credit scores, and much more. As a result, security is of paramount importance to both Equifax and the people and organizations it serves.

Accelerate Your Windows 7 Migration

Aug 07, 2013

The deadline of Extended Support for Windows XP is set to expire on April 8, 2014, and cost implications of remaining on XP are staggering. Plus, running XP at your own risk leaves your environment vulnerable. Download this free White Paper and learn how many organizations are migrating tens of thousands of PCs in record time.

Increase Productivity and Security with Identity and Access Management

Jun 03, 2013

Managing user identities and user-access privileges is a cornerstone of effective security for organizations. To meet the needs of a changing user population while simultaneously maintaining a security-rich environment, organizations need identity management solutions that can define, grant and remove access privileges to match the user’s job role and actual access requirements.

How Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Tools Can Improve Enterprise Security

Jun 03, 2013

This IDC Technology Spotlight examines trends in enterprise security and the role that the IBM Security AppScan portfolio plays in this strategic market.

Delivering Success that Scales with the Largest Enterprises

Jun 03, 2013

IBM Security QRadar solutions power some of the world’s largest, most successful security intelligence deployments. The award-winning IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform collects, correlates and monitors even the highest data volumes and supports the rich customization that large organizations require—without the cost and complexity associated with first-generation security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. In order to support the demands of organizations across industries, IBM offers the geographic reach to serve global organizations and the partner ecosystem required to deliver powerful and comprehensive solutions.

Secure By Design: Building Identity-based Security into Today’s Information Systems

Jun 03, 2013

In this paper, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) analysts examine today’s security challenges in light of the opportunity to build security directly into information systems, and the role of today’s finely grained technologies for identity and access management that make this more proactive approach possible

IBM Security Intrusion Preventions Solutions

Jun 03, 2013

As networks continue to grow in size, complexity and level of business importance, the potential for malicious attacks grows right along with them. Today, there are hackers working around the clock, plotting threats through spyware, worms, botnets and shell-code to exploit new vulnerabilities. Responding to these challenges, IBM Security offers a comprehensive portfolio of intrusion prevention solutions that go beyond traditional intrusion prevention to provide multilayered, end-to-end security that can actually protect networks from attacks before they occur.

Integrating Security into Development, No Pain Required

Jun 03, 2013

In this whitepaper, senior SANS Analyst Dave Shackleford duscusses new ways developers and security teams can work together to create more efficient quality control processes to improve application functionality and security while minimizing bugs.

2012 IBM X-Force Annual Trend and Risk Report

Jun 03, 2013

The IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report is produced twice per year: once at mid-year and once at year-end. This report provides statistical information about all aspects of threats that affect Internet security, including software vulnerabilities and public exploitation, malware, spam, phishing, web-based threats, and general cyber criminal activity. They are intended to help customers, fellow researchers, and the public at large understand the changing nature of the threat landscape and what might be done to mitigate it.

Avoiding Insider Threats to Enterprise Security

Mar 04, 2013

This whitepaper outlines a solution that helps organizations securely manage and track the activities of privileged users, thereby reducing the risk of breaches, improving compliance and ensuring accountability.

IT Executive Guide to Security Intelligence

Mar 04, 2013

This white paper discusses how security intelligence addresses threat detection shortcomings and empowers organizations to maintain comprehensive and cost-effective information security.