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Key Considerations for Backup and Recovery

Sep 20, 2011

Among the priorities for efficient storage management is appropriate protection architecture. Business continuity relies on a storage subsystem architecture that provides efficient protection as part of the backup and recovery process.

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Securing Government Desktops from Cyber Threats with the Latest KVM Technology

Sep 20, 2011

Cyber attacks on government systems are increasing at an exponential rate. One of the least understood and most under-utilized preventative measures for thwarting attacks is the use of keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switching devices that allow government employees to switch between networks with various security levels from one desktop.

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IT Security: Transformation Through Technology

Sep 16, 2011

Distributed Denial of Service, botnets, Domain Name Server hijacking, cache poisoning – these are just a few of the cyberthreats federal agencies must defend themselves against on a daily basis. Learn about strategic initiatives to help in that defense in this report.

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Federal Cloud Security Challenges & Solutions: What's Happening, Who's Driving, and What to Do About It

Sep 15, 2011

This paper is designed to define the landscape of federal cloud security initiatives, distill relevant standards and security design patterns, and map these to commercial technologies in the market today. Our goal is to equip government security practitioners with actionable knowledge and solutions to accelerate their adoption of the Federal cloud. Intel and McAfee contracted this paper to be written by Gunnar Peterson – an independent security consultant with significant field experience in the federal sector.

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CIO Challenge: Developing A Virtual Strategy to Meet New Business Demands

Sep 14, 2011

CIOs are increasingly turning to server virtualization as a method for cost-efficiently increasing the performance of their data centers. Learn how implementing virtualization goes hand-in-hand with implementing the latest server technology.

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Cutting Government Cost: Uniting Finance and Technology for Innovation

Sep 12, 2011

By more closely aligning finance and technology initiatives, you can cut costs and reduce expenses throughout your organization—and still provide the innovation to best serve your citizens. To learn how, read this Center for Digital Government paper.

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Information Security: Social Media, Privacy, Security and the Cloud

Sep 12, 2011

Information sharing has accelerated with agencies continuously looking for new ways to share data, knowledge, and intelligence internally and externally. Learn more in this special report about the concerns and challenges they are facing today and in the future.

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Winning the Cybersecurity War in a Telework Environment

Sep 08, 2011

This white paper provides best security solutions to ensure that information resources are well-protected and in compliance with key federal regulations. Advanced portable security devices are required to meet the security challenges of these new solutions. With strong authentication and other security capabilities such as multiple partitions and PKI functions, new USB technology will allow secure portable operating environments to evolve to the next level to meet the security needs or your agency.

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Creating Value in the Public Sector: Intelligent Project Selection in the US Federal Government

Sep 08, 2011

A new report sponsored by Oracle and researched by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlights how federal agencies are refining project management practices after the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found multiple areas within agencies where programs were duplicated and funds could be saved.

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Talent Strategies and Competitiveness of the US Aerospace and Defense Industry

Sep 07, 2011

As baby boomer engineers and program managers near retirement age, the competition to recruit educated talent in the US aerospace and defense industry is heating up. Learn how A & D companies plan to cope and compete in the face of these human resource challenges.

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Case Study: Total Economic Impact of Improving IT Administrative Efforts And Unifying Systems

Sep 05, 2011

Read this Forrester Consulting report for a framework to evaluate the total economic impact and potential return on investment for deploying Cisco Unified Computing System. It will also help you build a business case for your IT initiative.

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Building a Private Cloud Network for the Government Data Center

Aug 01, 2011

Download this solution brief to learn how to obtain the benefits of a cloud-like data center infrastructure, while addressing the challenges of complexity, latency, security, and interoperability.

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Why Smart, Innovative Businesses are Turning to Cloud Computing

Jul 01, 2011

This whitepaper explores the new trends and best practices why innovative businesses are turning to cloud computing.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing. A new era of responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency in IT service delivery

Jul 01, 2011

Data centers are part of an ever changing world with challenges of high energy consumption, labor costs, data silos and growth in data volume. Learn how to meet these challenges with IBM’s cohesive strategy for the development of a dynamic infrastructure, while also laying the foundation for a highly responsive environment that can leverage cloud computing – which represents a key technology in delivering new economics, rapid deployment of services, and tight alignment with mission goals.

Raising the Bar on How Agencies Protect Assets Against Fraud and Theft

Jun 29, 2011

Whether the requirement is to control entrance to facilities, or specific areas within a building, businesses must find a way to limit who gains access to what, when, and where. Locking down security is essential for reducing theft, ensuring compliance to safety regulations, and protecting employees. The report presents several real-world examples of how agencies have benefited from secured access cards that contain multiple layers of security for protecting people, products and property.

INSIGHTS: IT Modernization

Jun 27, 2011

Download this special report that provides key insights into IT modernization strategies and trends including: cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud and more!

Continuous Monitoring

Jun 20, 2011

This whitepaper discusses improving security and making FISMA compliance reporting easier and more efficient with end-to-end continuous monitoring solutions.

An Overview of the Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Architecture

Jun 17, 2011

This whitepaper provides an overview of the secure cloud architecture designed by NetApp, Cisco, and VMWare and discusses the four pillars of a secure cloud environment.

Thriving in the Evolution of Federal IT: The IT Reform Initiative in 25 Steps

Jun 13, 2011

Last year, Vivek Kundra, the United States’ chief information officer, unveiled his twenty-five point plan for IT reform. In this plan, agencies will be required to consolidate assets and processes in shared environments. How can agency leaders continue to manage successful programs while moving to shared services? Learn how government agencies can implement recent IT reform mandates and still deliver successful programs to meet mission objectives.

Journey to a High-Performance Building: The Economics of Smart Buildings

Jun 13, 2011

While there are many reasons for government agencies to consider high-performance buildings, perhaps the strongest case is this: cost savings. Download this whitepaper today and learn how your agency can save money through smart buildings.

Creating value in the Public Sector: intelligent project selection in the US federal government

Jun 13, 2011

A new report sponsored by Oracle and researched by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlights how federal agencies are refining project management practices after the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found multiple areas within agencies where programs were duplicated and funds could be saved.

Thriving in the Evolution of Federal IT: Win the Budget Struggle with Portfolio Management and CPIC

Jun 13, 2011

The mandatory Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process used during the federal budget cycle can be a challenging and tedious procedure, but a solid portfolio management solution can help agencies streamline their OMB submissions and gain confidence in their investments. Get “big picture” insight into your projects and programs to streamline your OMB 53 and 300 submission processes.

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Supply Chain Analysis

Jun 11, 2011

By aggregating supply chain data across heterogeneous environments, and tying operational dependencies and relationships between metrics, agencies are able to react faster to problems and risks, reduce cycle times and effectively balance strategic cost and fulfillment objectives.

Memphis Police Department ROI Case Study

Jun 06, 2011

Read this whitepaper to learn how the Memphis Police Department (MPD) used IBM SPSS predictive analytics software to improve its overall operations, enabling it to considerably reduce crime without a proportional increase in staff while expanding its territory.

Cloud Computing Special Report

May 20, 2011

Success in the cloud, like any new IT installation, requires careful planning and support. Here are the top issues that IT managers must consider before, during and after a cloud implementation.

Best Practices for Xen Desktop 5 In a NetApp Storage Environment

May 20, 2011

Read this whitepaper to learn more about best practices for the implementation of Citrix XenDesktop 5 and how it is optimized to operate on a NetApp storage platform. This guide goes into detail for both implementing on a Citrix XenServer or a VMWare vSphere virtual environment.

Datasheet: Symantec Endpoint Protection

May 16, 2011

Worried about defense against malware for laptops, desktops and servers? Read this whitepaper to learn more about the Secure, Simple and Seamless benefits of Endpoint Protection.

CISO Guide to Next Generation Threats

May 13, 2011

Find out how to combat advanced malware, zero-day and targeted attacks on Federal networks.

The STAND: Virtualization

May 06, 2011

THE STAND: Virtualization looks at issues including data center consolidation, cloud computing and security from the perspective of a long-time player in the federal IT arena, who gives his views on the pros and cons of virtualization and how agencies can wring the most from their virtualization strategies.

GameChanger: Cybersecurity

May 04, 2011

Recent cybersecurity reports indicate that agencies need to combine sophisticated security products and services with proper policies, procedures and expertise to safeguard their systems from cyberattackers.

Secure Remote Access for Government Teleworkers

Apr 29, 2011

Learn more about how VMware View™ helps federal agencies implement teleworking as a cloud-based service to meet new requirements, keep employees productive, and contain costs

Managing the Unmanageable: A Better Way to Manage Storage

Apr 25, 2011

Government agencies today depend heavily on easily accessible data, but traditional storage methods can’t keep up with today’s fast-paced, on-demand world. Download this whitepaper to learn how scale-out storage meets these challenges without worries about scalability or availability.

Proactive Digital Asset Management Solutions for Public Sector

Apr 21, 2011

Find out how to implement an Active Archive strategy at your agency with this newly-released whitepaper. An active archive strategy requires planning and tools, but when done properly it can dramatically reduce the overall costs of managing a growing pool of data. More importantly, by de-coupling production disk from other tiers of storage, single points of failure are virtually eliminated. Download this whitepaper now to learn more.

Iron Bow Securing Government Systems

Apr 21, 2011

The once-a-year snapshot of security compliance might get agencies good marks, but it doesn’t assure their ongoing security. Continuous monitoring of systems and security is now seen as a key best practice.

Optimize your asset management with IBM Maximo

Apr 13, 2011

Government regulations and policies, coupled with elevated levels of domestic and foreign security, have increased the urgency for government agencies to fully understand and proactivly manage their complete portfolio of assets. Read this brochure and find out how IBM® Maximo Asset Management helps government agencies address accountability with asset optimization.

Cybersecurity Solutions For Small Agencies With Smaller Budgets

Apr 13, 2011

Many threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data on federal government networks can be traced to a lack of compliance. Read this whitepaper and find out how IBM’s expertise can help you build a robust IT security solution governance program that detects, protects and manages vulnerabilities within your federal IT infrastructure.

Boost Cyber Security: Maintain Insight, Respond Quickly and Plan Proactively

Apr 08, 2011

In today’s volatile sociopolitical environment, government organizations have learned through adversity that the information they collect and process must be carefully protected to ensure the public welfare. While addressing the need for confidentiality, a careful and thorough information management policy combined with real-time cyberreporting and analytics also boosts cost containment efforts and empowers leaders to make effective decisions.

Public Sector Business Analytics: The Path to Better Decision Making and Agility

Apr 08, 2011

This white paper considers the use of analytics and business intelligence for improving decision making in public sector organizations and the benefits of prebuilt analytic applications for achieving this objective across many functions.

Why Managing Security Matters: The Five Must-Dos of Mobile Management

Apr 08, 2011

Data integrity may very well live or die by your ability to ensure that dozens, hundreds or perhaps thousands of mobile devices are managed and used the right way.

Network Infrastructure

Apr 07, 2011

The passage of the Telework Enhancement Act in December underscores the growing need for better secure remote-access solutions to ensure that only authorized users can tap government networks and information.

US Government Launches First Strike Defense Against Advanced Threats

Apr 06, 2011

This FFRDC is under constant cyber attack – bringing them to Bit9 to define a proactive approach to thwart today’s targeted malware. Learn how they enable innovation in a dynamic IT environment, protected from the Advanced Persistent Threat.

Cloud Computing Payback

Apr 04, 2011

Cloud Computing ROI study conducted by IBM Research uses customer environment data and cost saving data from more than one dozen companies working with IBM on Cloud Computing. The results overview the financial benefits of implementing cloud computing.

GameChanger: Cloud Computing

Apr 04, 2011

A wave of federal initiatives designed to accelerate data center consolidation and the deployment of cloud computing is bearing down on traditional government IT operations and forcing agencies to address how best to achieve compliance with the new mandates.

System Performance Solutions For Federal IT

Mar 31, 2011

At every IT site, efficiency is vital to both performance and economy. Diskeeper 2011 makes it easy to maintain optimum system performance at all times. This paper makes it clear why.

Optimized License Management for the Datacenter

Mar 25, 2011

With optimized license management, organizations can eliminate over-spending and under-spending on licenses, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs associated with server-based software while producing the highest ROI.

Addressing Data Management and IT Infrastructure Challenges in a SharePoint Environment

Mar 25, 2011

This paper describes the Data Management Challenges and Solutions for SharePoint environments incorporating data captured from over 350 SharePoint administrators, architects and business decision makers.

Financial Management Modernization at the USDA Positively Impacts Mission

Mar 22, 2011

USDA's financial modernization project yielded over $18 million in savings from consolidating and eliminating many legacy systems. Learn more in this IDC published case study.

Federal Data Center Consolidation – Interviews and Guidelines

Mar 17, 2011

Data center consolidation is now a top federal IT priority, driving a government-wide effort to reduce IT costs, lower energy consumption, improve IT security and enable a shift to more efficient IT platforms, such as cloud computing.

NASA World Wind: A Breakthrough Way to Look at Our World

Mar 16, 2011

In this white paper, learn why NASA chose Isilon scale-out storage over traditional data storage for its World Wind project to efficiently access 3D satellite data and increase the availability of processed imagery.

Planning and design for smarter cities

Mar 15, 2011

To better deliver city services and work with external partners, cities must approach and design solutions that create security-rich environments and facilitate compliance. Regulatory and risk issues, including data security and privacy, are critical, and missteps are costly.