A New Approach for Large-Scale Data Management and Data Analysis

Jan 08, 2010

The traditional three-tier architecture for data management or “data pipelines” are inherently unfit for today’s Big Data applications. This is because they simply are not built to move terabytes to petabytes of data through the data pipeline to the application for processing. Moving large volumes of data through the data pipeline results in too much latency, and does not allow for fresh data to reach the application fast enough to be considered in an analysis.

Aster Data nCluster 4.0 introduces a whole new architecture for data management and data analysis by allowing analytic applications to be pushed down into Aster Data’s massively parallel processing (MPP) database so applications are now co-located with the data itself. This new approach of Applications Within™ allows businesses to embed existing application logic associated with data analysis into Aster Data’s MPP database where native data resides—to eliminate data movement and deliver major improvements in speed of data analysis, granularity and depth of data analysis, and the ability to now analyze very large data sets versus relying on data sampling.