Opening Data, Opening Government

Jan 22, 2010

The Open Government Directive requires every federal agency to open its data streams to the public, but that’s easier said than done. With multiple inputs from multiple sources, many agencies are burdened by outdated or outmoded legacy systems, built one on top of the other in a patchwork fabric. Data compatibility is a constant battle and interoperability an ongoing concern. Most vendors offer a full system re-architecture as the answer, but with little time and limited budget, agencies need a swifter and more direct solution.

At a fraction of the cost of a systems re-architecture and within weeks of deployment, Partnet’s ePort can solve the stovepipe challenge facing your government agency. ePort is a database “masher” that provides enterprises of all sizes secure, real-time connectivity throughout an agency network, as well as outside the environment to include legacy systems, suppliers, and data exchanges. By providing seamless system integration, regardless of data format, ePort allows managers to get more out of their existing IT investments, saving both time and money.