Carrier Ethernet: Taking Bandwidth to the Network’s Edge

Nov 19, 2010

Carrier Ethernet is emerging as a prime candidate for providing high bandwidth to the WAN and MAN as government agencies look to deliver IP-based voice, video and data services to users at the edge of the network.

Government agencies are converging their networks around Internet Protocol (IP) services to meet exploding demand for advanced voice, video and data services, and are looking for cost-effective ways to deliver the necessary bandwidth. Ethernet, which handles IP-packet services for most local area networks (LANs), would seem an ideal candidate. However, though it supports increasingly high data rates, LAN Ethernet doesn’t have the scalability or quality of service needed for much bigger and more complex enterprise wide area and metro area networks. Carrier Ethernet does meet those requirements, and with its ability to also work with legacy network technologies and to operate across different physical media, it’s a leading candidate to provide high bandwidth to users at the network edge. Download this white paper to learn more.