Preventing Government Document Leaks

Nov 02, 2010

Recent data loss incidents, such as the Wikileaks on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have re-emphasized the need for improved information security.  These information leaks are a major issue for government and military organizations. Examples such as the wikileaks disclosure not only cause embarrassment to organizations, but can also put individuals at risk and compromise sensitive plans.

The risk of information loss is largely determined by two major factors, firstly, how many people have been given access to the information, and secondly, how has the information been classified and managed.  This whitepaper examines how certain processes and technology can be used to minimize the risk of information loss.

In particular, how the use of automated information classification and the automation of security permissions can be used to reduce the risks due to mishandling of information, and risks due to overexposure of the information. This whitepaper discusses processes and technology that can help prevent sensitive information leaks.