Federal Data Center Consolidation – Interviews and Guidelines

Mar 17, 2011

New initiatives achieve security, recovery and efficiency gains.  This whitepaper discusses how data center consolidation is now a top federal IT priority, as the White House leads the charge in driving a government-wide effort to reduce IT costs, lower energy consumption, improve IT security and enable a shift to more efficient IT platforms, such as cloud computing. Driven by a few recently formed initiatives, a Presidential Executive Order, memos and other guidance, federal agencies are now working out plans to streamline data center operations, gain greater efficiency, and meet a mandated goal to achieve $3 billion in cost savings by the end of fiscal 2012.

Uncontrolled IT asset and data center growth over the years has led to a situation in which many federal departments possess a vast array of small data centers that generally perform only a few functions, serve only a single part of the organization’s needs, and do not interoperate. Learn about consolidation in this whitepaper.