Thriving in the Evolution of Federal IT: The IT Reform Initiative in 25 Steps

Jun 13, 2011

The United States government spent $600 BILLION on IT over the past ten years, and is still way behind in the level of services provided in the private sector. The result is that now Federal government CIOs face a “perfect storm” of crises driving a re-structuring of their IT environments. Last year, Vivek Kundra, the United States’ chief information officer (CIO), initiated a sweeping twenty-five point plan to reform the information technology (IT) infrastructure and practices of the government. His over-arching goal is “to deliver more value to the American taxpayer” by achieving the same level of productivity improvements realized by the private sector from IT over the past decade. Federal CIOs now face strategic decisions of a magnitude not encountered since the mid-1990s and, to state the obvious, these decisions need to be based on the most current and accurate information. They must not only deliver better government services to the American people, but a vastly increased quantity of more complex services (e.g. support for the expanded healthcare reform effort) and accomplish it all in an austere fiscal environment. The strategic guidance resulting from this exercise will drive the what, how and where of future federal IT direction. A portfolio management solution could be the lifeboat federal IT managers need to not only “survive” the storm, but also emerge from it with stronger and more effective management of their investments.