Proactive Digital Asset Management Solutions for Public Sector

Apr 21, 2011

To find out how to implement an Active Archive strategy, download the white paper "Addressing the Problem of Inactive Data Filling Up Expensive Active Disk Silos", by Floyd Christofferson of SGI. An active archive strategy requires planning and tools, but when done properly it can dramatically reduce the overall costs of managing a growing pool of data. More importantly, by de-coupling production disk from other tiers of storage, single points of failure are virtually eliminated. Individual components can be upgraded or changed without impacting overall utilization for users, scalability then becomes an asset in this scenario, and not a headache. ArcFiniti brings the best of SGI's powerful data management hardware and software tools together in a fully-integrated archive solution aimed specifically at providing a scalable, easily accessible solution to the problem of unparalleled growth of unstructured file-based data.