Cutting Government Cost: Uniting Finance and Technology for Innovation

Sep 12, 2011

With state and local government organizations across the country under greater pressure than ever to do more with less, IT budgets are often the first to come under scrutiny.

The good news is, by more closely aligning your finance and technology initiatives, you can cut costs and reduce expenses throughout your organization — and still provide the innovation to best serve your citizens.

Learn how by reading "Cutting Costs in Government: Uniting Finance and Technology for Innovation," a just-released white paper written by the Center for Digital Government, the nation's leading resource on technology in state and local government.

Find out how smarter IT spending and the right alignment strategies can help you cut costs over the long term through:

  • Sharing services, and expenses, with other organizations
  • Optimizing your budgets at the end of your fiscal year
  • Shifting capital costs to operating expenses
  • Taking full advantage of tax-exempt financing


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