Accelerate Your Windows 7 Migration

Aug 07, 2013

One of 1E’s customers sought to upgrade its entire estate and migrate all desktops from Windows XP to Windows 7. Using Microsoft SCCM and 1E technology they completed their Windows 7 migration on 80,000 PCs in just four months—of which over 30,000 were completed in a single month—all with zero disruption to the business.

They successfully:

  • Upgraded thousands of PCs during regular work hours using spare bandwidth without impacting business users
  • Significantly reduced the number of servers needed across the enterprise
  • Utilized just one 1E consultant to work with their in internal team to manage the migration

The deadline of Extended Support for Windows XP is set to expire on April 8, 2014, and cost implications of remaining on XP are staggering. Plus, running XP at your own risk leaves your environment vulnerable.

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